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Retiring in Spain The first reason for retiring to Spain probably has a lot to do with the weather. After suffering a cold winter in northern Europe many people look toward warmer climes. Not only is it a lot more pleasant but as we grow older our bodies certainly benefit from the higher temperatures as do our pockets with the lower fuel bills. Many people report that their arthritis and other aches and pains are much improved by their life in the sun. The excellent Mediteranean diet can also greatly benefit your health on retiring to Spain. The cost of living is another important consideration as, although prices in Spain have undoubtedly risen in the last few years, so they have in the U.K and generally speaking ones pension does go further in Spain. Although the winters can be cold and wet they are never as cold as northern Europe so less is spent on fuel. If you are already in receipt of your winter fuel allowance before you leave the U.K. then this can still be claimed from Spain although you will probably find yourself keeping it to help pay the cost of your air conditioning in the summer! Additionally the cost of running a car in Spain is a lot less than in the U.K. so that is another added bonus for many people retiring to Spain. The other reason many people have for retiring to Spain is something less easily defined but none the less important, it is the "quality of life." This may mean different things to different people but even so those who have moved to Spain generally agree that there is an all important something here which has made life better for them. Perhaps it is the more relaxed attitude to life, along with plenty of sunshine and longer daylight hours. Certainly the pace of life is slower here and on the whole less stressful than "back home."